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Analysis Of Websites For Profit And Non Profit Companies

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The websites for profit and non-profit companies run its companies for different motives and differentiate its websites respectively, yet they use similar strategies to persuade visitors to explore its websites. Walmart, a for profit company, boasts low prices, quality goods, convenient hours, and global shopping for millions of customers searching to fulfill several of their unlimited wants and needs. Walmart’s website creates excitement in its consumers by featuring images of Walmart’s affordable high quality products. Scholarship America, a non-profit company, differentiates itself from Walmart by targeting college bound students who are in desperate need of financial aid to support their college tuition. Scholarship America represents its company as a successful benefactor of scholarships to potential students by exhibiting Scholarship America’s historical success. Walmart and Scholarship America’s use of excitement and urgency are persuasive elements, which compels customers to either shop at Walmart or donate to Scholarship America’s program.
Walmart and Scholarship America differentiated its websites to sell its respective company messages to its audiences. Walmart’s website overloads its customers with information on Walmart’s various housing accessories, gift cards, toys, clothing, electronics, groceries, and other quality products. The executives arranged their products on their website by department and they list the retail prices. Walmart’s simplification of its website allows customers to pinpoint exactly what they need and the customer can easily compare prices online with other retailers. This effectively allows customers to verify Walmart’s message of quality items for low prices. Conversely, Scholarship America, a non-profit company that provides financial aid for all college students, reveals a successful history of making college affordable for millions of college students. Consequently, Scholarship America positions its success as part of a bright future for America by encouraging visitors to help make college affordable for students. Therefore, the US will be better educated, which will benefit the US’s economy and fulfill Scholarship America’s intentions. Although these companies differ in their approach to speak to their respective audiences, it is clear that both companies express urgency. The low prices Walmart offers and the financial aid Scholarship America provides makes living in America more affordable. Walmart and Scholarship America successful reputation persuades potential consumers to explore them.
The two websites generally followed the same structure with a few deviations. Walmart’s “about us” section discussed how their executives have an optimistic approach towards America’s recession by explaining that Walmart’s image of low prices and affordable living would continue to help make living more affordable. As a result, Walmart accomplishes its objective of assuring customers that low prices are going to...

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