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Analysis Of Ya Literature Humor Genre.

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Analytical Paper #3 - HOLES, BY Louis SacharKathy BowmanSeptember 30, 2003 Humor is essential to life. Hopefully, we all experience a dose of it on a regular basis. Watching a funny television program; listening to a funny joke; enjoying life and looking at the bright side. Humor defines our character. Louis Sachar's novel, HOLES, portrays humor in a way that keeps the reader's interest by touches of mystery as well as adventure. HOLES begins with the main character of Stanley Yelnats, the protagonist of the story being sent away to Camp Green Lake. One might initially think that this is a summer camp for kids. Being poor, Stanley had never been to camp before. The reader soon finds out that Camp Green Lake is a camp for bad boys. Unfortunately, Stanley had been at the wrong place at the wrong time. He had been caught with a pair of sneakers from a famous athlete, Sweet Feet, who had donated the sneakers to be auctioned off for charity. Sachar begins to expose the reader to his type of humor from the beginning. For instance, Stanley's first and last names are the same just that his last name is spelled backwards. We also find out that Stanley is named after his ancestors, so there is a bit of ambiguity throughout the story; not knowing sometimes which Stanley the author is referring to. Stanley's misfortune is blamed upon his great-great-grandfather. As a boy, his grandfather had fallen in love with Myra Menke. Her father only cared about what a pursuer could offer him and unfortunately, Stanley's grandfather didn't have enough to offer to win Myra's hand in marriage. The old gypsy woman who had tried to help Elya had only asked for one favor in return for her help: that Elya carry her up the mountain so she could drink from the stream before she died. Upon Elya's rejection from Myra, he was so distraught, that he caught the first ship to America, forgetting his promise to the gypsy woman. The curse she casts upon him followed him for the rest of his life and the lives of his heirs. Hence why Stanley thought this was why he had been sent away. Another example of the ambiguity in Sachar's work is that Madame Zeroni and Stanley's camp-mate, Zero have the same last name. If his name hadn't been shortened to Zero, the plot of the story wouldn't have been nearly as exciting. Another way Sachar keeps the young reader's interest is his way of exaggerating. The characters are eccentrics, especially the...

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