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The dystopic novella Animal Farm previously sub-titled ‘A fairy story’ is an allegory for the Russian Revolution. It was written by the revolutionary socialist George Orwell who believed that the only way to create a new just society was to destroy the old one. It was published in 1945 years after the Russian Revolution. Orwell hated the totalitarian regime, that Joseph Stalin ruled in Russia. The book closely follows events that had happened in Russia by using animals to represent its heroes, villains and victims. These animals are seen wallowing towards the windmill in the picture provided.
Although all the animals are meant to be equal, the pigs take control during the first harvest. The pig seen at the front of the line in the picture is a metaphor for leadership. The animals agree to it though because the pigs know more. Animalism is the basic idea that ‘old major’ voices during his first speech, he speaks of a better life where humans don’t control and take advantage of the animals and all animals no matter who they are, are equal. The pigs reduce the principles of animalism to Seven simple commandments including no animals shall kill another, drink alcohol, wear clothes. This Biblical allusion reinforces the gravity of these principles.
However, the indoctrination over of the animals causes them to stop thinking for themselves. The pigs take up a totalitarian regime striking fear into the animals” they had come to a time when no one dared speak his mind” analyse
Napoleon, the main boar of the farm appoints himself as “President of the Republic’ He represents Joseph Stalin. He betrays Animalism with his greed. He doesn’t care about the other animals only gaining power for himself. Napoleon schemes behind the scenes to get what he wants no matter the consequences, dimishing Snowballs reputation to put himself on top. He abuses the trust of the animals with lies and empty promises. “Napoleon had denounced such ideas as contrary to the spirit of Animalism” shows the disrespect that Napoleon had for his fellow comrades and Animalism.
The windmill as depicted in the visual stimulus symbolizes the pig’s manipulation over the other animals for their own gain. The pig’s declaration that snowball was responsible for the collapse of the first windmill constitutes psychological manipulation as it prevents the animals from doubting the pigs’ ability and unites them against a supposed enemy. “when Squealer described the scene so graphically, it seemed to the animals that they did remember it”
Even though the animals are promised a better life they are instead were worked harder and...

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