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Analysis On Kilbourne's Argument

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Violence is everywhere in the United States of America. Many people in America and around the world have been a victim or know someone who has been a victim of violence. Over 22 million women in the United States have been raped in their lifetime according to the website, Victims of Crime. This number is significant. Advertisements could play a role in making violence more acceptable in our society. PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is known for having shocking advertisements. This pro-vegan and pro-vegetarian nonprofit organization has always been a topic of interest. Many of PETA’s ad campaigns are related to sexuality, violence, discrimination against how people look, and dominance over women. There are many pro-vegetarian and pro-vegan ads that do not degrade women and still are persuasive. Jean Kilbourne writes about violence and the degradation of women in advertisements. Kilbourne explains her point of view in her piece, ‘“Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt’: Advertising and Violence.” Considering Kilbourne’s argument, PETA ads are a concern because of the suggested violence while other pro-vegan and vegetarian ads are not.
Advertisements across the globe are becoming more and more violent. In a recent PETA ad, it depicts a naked woman with a meat diagram on her, as seen on pigs and cows. In this ad it reads “ALL ANIMALS have the same parts. Have a heart. Go vegetarian.” This ad is degrading towards a woman because the advertisement is directly comparing her to an animal. PETA is taking their advertisements to a whole new level in the wrong direction. In society people do not consider themselves animals. In fact, being called an animal is an insult to many people. For PETA to comment that this woman is an “animal” makes many people uncomfortable and frustrated. Is it acceptable for women to be looked at like a piece of meat? Where is the line here, and is this crossing it? Comparing a woman to a pig or a cow is not how this organization should be portraying vegetarianism. By PETA having this ad, it makes people question vegetarianism more than want to join in. This advertisement is also demeaning to women because she is exposed.
Women should not be exposed on an ad about becoming a vegetarian due to the suggested violence. The suggested violence in advertisements could be the reason why women everyday are being degraded just because of their gender. There is no excuse to having a woman naked to get across a point. This organization demeans women by taking her, making her naked, and showing off the parts of her body to get a completely off topic view across. Advertisers have come to the point where they will do anything and say anything to sell a product or an idea. Kilbourne explains that “there is no doubt that flagrant sexism and sex role stereotyping abound in all forms of the media” (283). Kilbourne elucidates that women play roles as a piece of meat on television. Women are not portrayed as strong people in...

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