Analysis On Materialism And Pink Flamingo

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"Materialism coarsens and petrifies everything, making everything vulgar, and every truth false." These profound words spoken by Swiss philosopher Henri Amiel illustrate the wretched vulgarity and superficiality of the virus-like spread of materialism. In the essay entitled "The Pink Flamingo: A Natural History" by Jennifer Price, Price examines the popularity of the well-known pink flamingo and how it relates to the ideals and whims of American culture. Using American fascination of the plastic, pink flamingo as her medium, Jennifer Price shows her evident disdain for the superficial materialism present in American society.Jennifer Price introduces her analysis of the flamingo fad by ...view middle of the document...

Price's introductory paragraph is significant to the purpose of the essay because it illustrates the magnitude of the flamingo fascination and how Americans irrationally react to the flamingo's popularity.In reiteration of Price's stance, heavy criticism in the essay of the plastic flamingo's intrinsic boldness simply because it represents an exotic creature depicts Price's severe disdain for the whims of American society. Price utilizes an ironic situation in conjunction with historical evidence when she attempts to establish a connection between real flamingos and plastic flamingos. Americans, Price points out, "had hunted flamingos to extinction in Florida in the late 1800s, for plumes and meat. But no matter. In the 1950s, the new interstates would draw working-class tourists down, too." Price bluntly uses facts and historical research about American culture to express her disgust of the irony that the American nation has created for itself with regards to the plastic, pink flamingo. When Price writes "But no matter," she reinforces the implication that it is as if American society regards the destruction of the flamingo as trivial because capitalist society would benefit more from the production of plastic flamingos that could yield revenue. Thus, a nation that embraces the flamingo in all its beauty after having been so destructive of the natural population reveals the ironic carelessness and hypocrisy of American society. Furthermore, Price uses the image of the pink flamingo with its natural boldness to emphasize her point about the ignorance of Americans and their culture. The author states, "The bird acquired an extra fillip of boldness, too, from the direction of Las Vegas with…Flamingo Hotel. Anyone who has seen Las Vegas knows that a flamingo stands out in a desert even more strikingly than on a lawn." The simple fact that a flamingo is a subtropical animal unfit to live in the desert gives Price the justification to illustrate how Americans took the flamingo fad to such extreme heights without giving one regard to the appropriateness of the flamingo in context. In doing so, Price once again conveys the total ignorance and lack of consideration that characterizes American society. The paragraph in which Price asserts her belief regarding the ironic situation American society has put itself in supports a belief that Americans have taken their obsession so far as to having destroyed a population of animals for the sake of wealth and luxury; thus, the pink flamingo, in the context of Price's essay, is merely a symbol of the vulgar materialism Americans possess because of their ignorance and inconsideration for the appropriateness of destroying flamingos and "plasticizing" them.Jennifer Price provides further details regarding the plastic flamingo's image which forces the reader to question if the plastic flamingo is even close to being a valid representation of its real-life counterpart. Price's use of imagery in her essay and...

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