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The article within the Psychology Reader titled, Talking about Terrorism, took a rather interesting approach in evaluating terrorism and the world’s constant efforts in counterterrorism. What piqued my interest is the systematic approach the authors took in describing the why and how westerners view terrorism. Furthermore, the pros and cons are weighed on law-enforcement and military, in regards to how terrorism is and should be dealt with. Moreover, their analysis of the basis of terrorism, which is ones prejudice towards others; mostly due to their ignorance of someone who is different. Lastly, the authors come to a consensus in the efforts of counterterrorism, which is for all appropriate government agencies to be involved in offsetting terrorist efforts.
In reviewing the text, the main points which are being presented were the counter production of the war on terrorism, containing the epidemic of counterterrorism and prejudices. To begin with, the sub article, Declaring War, the authors explain current state of mind of the general populations, mainly American, outlook on terrorism. In hindsight, terrorist are now synonymous with opposition dealt with by the military, because former George W. Bush described the atrocities on September 11, 2001, as “acts of war”, (Kruglanski, Crenshaw, Post & Victoroff, 2008). Because of this outlook, most Americans do not realize the opposition is groups of an organization within being harbored within a failed state, such as Afghanistan, (Kruglanski et al, 2008). Moreover, since the United States government has placed much enfaces on the use of military strikes to control these terrorist organizations, the collateral damage reflects this avenue of determent. Consequently, those unfortunate innocents tend to become motivated with violent tendencies towards the U.S. and its allies, thus causing a vicious cycle, (Kruglanski et al, 2008). This appears to be an overall misunderstanding of terrorism, which is still not clearly defined; this definitely hinders the ability to prevent the situation. “To understand and prevent terrorism they say, consider the situations that breed terrorists. Better to drain the swamps than swat the mosquitoes”, (Myers, 2010).
The magazine article examines the social epidemic metaphor, in that “counterterrorism likens the spread of terrorist ideas to the transmission of infectious disease”, (Kruglanski et al, 2008). Quite similar is on page 680 is Solomon Asch’s 1955 study of group pressure and conformity, wherein people tend do certain things to gain social approval all...

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