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Analysis On "The Destructors" By Graham Greene

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"The Destructors" written by Graham Greene as a third person view. The story set in London nine years after the end of World War II. People survived from "The Blitz". The Blitz "was Nazi Germany's sustained aerial bombing campaign against Britain in World War Two."(The Blitz) Everything was in chaos, people lost their home, slept in the underground station and lost their hope for the future. The story is about a group of teenage boys who formed a gang and call themselves as the "Wormsley Common Gang". They have a meeting every morning in an impromptu car-park. "It is the site of last bomb of the first blitz"( Greene,55). Although almost everything in this area is destroyed, there is only one house remain with limited damage. It is owned by Mr. Thomas, the youth gang called him Old Misery. One day, the leader of the gang, Blackie, suggest that they should try to sneaking free bus as much as possible while T, Trevor, suggest the boys should demolish Mr. Thomas' house during his two-day visit to the bank holiday. All the members are following T's directions and T becomes the new leader of the youth gang. The Wormsley Common Gang destroyed the house and it is in shambles, at the end, the house was pulled down by the driver and there is nothing left in this area now.
Greene set the story at the aftermath of the war, this allowed him to make his character to become real life people. The youth gang destroy the only house that remain undamaged after "the blitz". This house is built by Christopher Wren, a famous architect. They leave Mr. Thomas, the occupant of the house to only live in his loo. I think this is a reaction that these youth gang have been so accustomed to seeing destruction such as bombing. They finally become the destructors themselves. Although they are not really enjoying and happy by destroying houses, they managed to do those things as challenge and bring them "fame". As a youth, they don't have any interest in any healthy activities such as sports, or education. Their innocence have been replaced by selfishness, ignorance and cynicism. From the insight of Blackie, the old gang leader "The fame of the Wormsley Common car-park gang would surely reach around London. There would be headlines in the papers."(Greene,58) They believed what they have done are great things, it will make people recognized them and give them fame. I think it is an example of man vs. society. The youth believe they are the underdogs of this society, no one cares about them, they want people to recognize them that they can do something that is significant. Just as "The Blitz" destroy the whole street, they can destroyed Mr. Thomas house which is the only one survived from "The Blitz".
Trevor, is the protagonist of the story, there are many conflict that happens in the story where Trevor have...

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