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Analysis On The Movie Mona Lisa Smile

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My Grandma's really into buying bootleg DVD's at the Flea Market and picked up Mona Lisa Smile. I didn't see it in theaters but I heard awful reviews of it. Everything from "this movies doesn't make sense," to "just feminist garbage".Bored off my mind one night, I decided to pop the DVD in and have a look with my cousin. Both her and I agreed it was one of the best movies we had ever seen! We loved every character, we thought it was so well done, and the plot was just amazing. There is not one girl that can not relate with this movie because relating to one or more of the female characters is so easy and comforting. This is probably the reason male critics gave it such a harsh review because the movie entails women being intelligent, not always choosing men or marriage, and worst of all being independent.Kirsten Dunst was definitely my favorite character. From the beginning she attests to Julia Roberts' character's liberal views, when all Roberts is really demanding from her students is for them to think for their selves. Dunst's character follows her childhood dream and gets married while in college, throwing away a possible future career in her major. Despite being married and aiming to be perfect house-wife of the 50's, Dunst still attends college, but Roberts asks basically asks her what for? This is where things get tense.Both characters go into a battle of the times. Dunst's character puts up a good fight, stressing Roberts' character...

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