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Analysis On The Quote "Now Is The Time To Rise ... To The Sunlit Path Of Racial Justice."

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"Nigger, wetback, nip, paki, chink, fob, white boy, chino..." The list of remarks here signifies that racism in our world today is endless. The speech I Have a Dream by Dr. King, has a significant quote, "Now is the time to rise ... to the sunlit path of racial justice." He is informing the people today to stand up and fight for fairness. Racism is one of the issues we must fight to end.The Civil Rights Movement in the 60's stopped segregation but not racism. Racism never went away and still exists today in America. People often tell jokes with racist slurs, and while I know that not to laugh at ones about blacks, it seems that ones about other races like Chinese and Hispanic are okay.When I was in 3rd grade, a kid called me "Chino". At first, I thought it meant something cool, until my friend told me its true meaning. He slowly explained that it that is slang word for Chinese people .I was really offended by what that kid said me because I was not Chinese. I did not retaliate nor did anything. To this day I feel remorse, wishing I had done something to prevent it.Since the horrific terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Americans have been colder to people who originated from the Middle East. I`ve witnessed these changes myself. An Afhgan kid at my school was brutally criticizied by his peers. They called him all sorts of names such as "Bin bombmer" and "Osama's...

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