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Analysis On Usage Of Gps In Mining

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In the Mining Industry an average of 3 deaths of workers are occurring when the haulage equipment is collided with a small vehicles or the workers working on foot. Apart from these collisions there is an average of 3 deaths an year when the heavy vehicles are tripping of the edge. The reason for both these is because of not knowing the exact position of the vehicle. Apart from avoiding these accidents there has to be some system that will analyse the performance of the vehicles. Keeping all these views in view there is a great essentiality or need for an equipment that can give the warning to the operator of heavy equipment or driver of ...view middle of the document...

These all satellite signals indicate a sphere and using the navigational equations the exact location can be found using the distance and satellite locations. The location is then displayed in the form of a moving map.
The structures of gps are divided into three segments: Space segment, control Segment and User segment.
GPS in Mining:
It has been 20 years since the Global Positioning system has been brought into use for the civilians. The GPS became very popular that it is finding its extensive use in almost all the fields. There are a few areas where GPS can be used in Mining Industries as well. Some of them are discussed below,

The Global positioning system is now days used in surveying. The GPS helps the surveyors in getting the accurate positions and thus saving time and improving the efficiency of the mine site.

Fleet Management:
Fleet management is the management of the company vehicles such as cars, trucks equipment or even drivers. Fleet management also includes vehicle finance speed management, performance analysis and etc.
The most common thing in the fleet management is the vehicle management . By using the fleet management software the exact position direction and even the speed of the vehicle can be determined. The vehicle management system mostly uses the GPS signals but some time depends on GLONASS and cellular triangulation platform.

Once the position, speed and direction of the vehicle are known from the GPS components , additional tracking objects transmit the information to the fleet management software application. Thus the exact speed, direction and the position of the vehicle can be known.

Safety purpose of using GPS in mining:
As discussed in the introduction part of the paper there is an average of three deaths an year happening because of haulage equipment colliding or hitting small vehicles or the workers on foot and additional 3 deaths because of the heavy vehicles backs over the edge an year are occurring. These accidents are happening because the heavy vehicles will be having limited visibility because of its size. By using the GPS and the fleet management system these accidents can be decreased or even can be completely stopped.

All the heavy equipment and small vehicles should be equipped with GPS equipment and these are to be connected to the fleet management...

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