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Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Michael Bay are all very famous directors, but the creativity of these directors is nothing compared to the incredible mind of Tim Burton. Tim Burton has not only been able to create a style of directing al his own, one that has many other directors are trying to mimic. Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands ad Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, use a contrast between high and low key lighting and a choice in setting in order to create fantastical worlds.
Tim Burton uses a contrast of high and low key lighting in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to create fantastical by going from a suspicious scene to an open-looking scene. In the movie, all of the golden ticket holders walk down a very long and very low key hallway that squeezes down to a fun sized door. As all of the characters enter the door, they see an array of bright colors, bright lights, and gives off a better feeling than the hallway. This is important because it shows that the factory is more inviting than the hallway. The hallway gives the audience a suspicious feeling about it, when the factory gives the audience a more friendly feeling.
In Edward Scissorhands, when Peg goes to the mansion, it’s very low key and gives off a suspicious essence when she sees Edward in the corner. She finds Edward in the corner, but since it’s such a low key setting, the audience can’t see him right away. When she decides to take Edward into the real world, Tim Burton does a great job in changing the lighting from low key and ominous to very high key and uplifting. This change in lighting gives the audience a more jubilant feel than the feeling in the mansion.
Aside from the different lighting in both, Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton uses a choice in settings to create fantastical worlds by going from a dull, boring environment to an exciting place that is very significant to the movie. In Edward Scissorhands, the mansion was only in the movie for short periods of time, but the neighborhood was used throughout the whole movie and was where we saw the entire significant events take place. The setting was very important because Tim Burton needed to find a setting that could have many events take place and still stay in the same general area. It was used in the same way in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the town...

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