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Over the years, we have seen many great companies rise to the top just to fall a few years later. These Companies such as Dell, JC Penney, Blockbuster, Kodak, etc. all had great starts, but quickly lost their edge. Apple Inc. could have easily been among these fallen companies, but was saved by a man named Steve. Steve Jobs created and saved one of the greatest companies of all time.
On April 1, 1976, high school buddies Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple Computer. Throughout the two Steves’ relationship, Wozniak (nicknamed Woz) had designed quite a few electronic devices. He built computers and other random things, such as an illegal device that let one make free phone calls. After seeing the Apple 1 computer that Wozniak had made, Steve Jobs insisted that they market and sell the technology. While the Apple 1 did not sell as well as they had hoped, its successor, the Apple 2, made up for it by offering a smaller, more compact design and its own case. These first two computers were a great start for such a young company as Apple.
After the success of Apple’s two first computers, they started gaining a lot of momentum. In 1981, building off the success of their previous computers, Jobs and his team started work on the Lisa computer, “which would redefine personal computing.” ( After only a short amount of time, he got kicked off of the Lisa team and took over the “Macintosh” project. It was also around this time that Jobs recruited former Pepsi-Cola president, John Sculley, to come help Apple mature as a company. Little did he know, that this man would cause his resignation from the company. “As the announcement of the Macintosh drew closer, Jobs went into hyperdrive. He worked hard to get devs to write programs for the upcoming machine.” [] In February of 1984, Apple aired their infamous Macintosh Super Bowl commercial which featured a woman running through a theater and stopping the Big Brother from brainwashing the people. When the computer finally came out, it was immensely popular because of its all-in-one design, the mouse and the GUI. It was revolutionary to say the least. The popularity didn’t last as long as Apple had hoped because of the low amount of RAM in the machine. After the less than fantastic Macintosh sales and being sided against by John Sculley, the man Steve had recruited, Mr. Jobs resigned. Because of the Lisa, the Macintosh, and the resignation of Jobs, these were some of Apple’s best and worst times.
After the departure of Steve Jobs, Apple went through multiple CEOs and started falling apart. “By June 1995, Apple had $1 billion dollars in backorders - and did not have the parts to build them.” [] In 1996, Apple’s CEO, Gil Amelio, made huge changes that turned out to be very unsuccessful. “Apple took its worst plunge ever in the winter of 1995-96.” [] Just when Apple was to turn to dust, they purchased Steve Jobs’ startup, NeXT...

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