Ineffective Enforcement Of Gun Control Laws And Policies

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Illegal immigration across the Mexican border is not the only problem arising with the presence of drug cartels. With around a $40,000 gap in GDP per capita between the U.S. and Brazil, poverty in Brazil comes with its fair share of problems such as lack of education and infant mortality (World Factbook). Violence in both Brazil and Mexico is a major social and economic issue. Particularly gun violence, for firearm deaths account for most of the homicides. Even with restrictive laws against guns, it has been shown that they are not enough to stop violence and further actions must be done. Although Brazil and Mexico have two of the strictest laws in the Americas, “strict gun laws do not seem to correspond with gun violence” (Cawley). The current Mexican and Brazilian government laws do little to suppress armed violence.
Even with only one gun store in Mexico, many criminals are still able to get their hands on guns (Cave). “Legal gun sales are decreasing, even as seizures of illegal weapons soar,” says Booth. While more and more criminals are able to get their hands on guns, it is wondered where they are obtained from, if not legally. Only a small amount of these store-bought firearms are purchased by criminals (QTD. Booth). A reason for this large amount of illegally possessed guns is the smuggling from countries like the United States. The Mexican government claims that 90% of illegal firearms are smuggled from the U.S. (Booth). In Mexico, citizens are only allowed to purchase calibers that are less than .38 (Cave). However criminals are not committing crimes on handguns alone; military grade weapons are also smuggled into Mexico (Cave). These numbers could be considered disagreeable because both the U.S. and Mexican government have not agreed to publicize their results from gun traces from around 93,000 guns (Booth). David B. Kopel, a research director at Independence Institute in Golden, Colorado, says that the “90%” statistic is misleading. In his recent article in the Texas Review of Law and Politics, he says that only out of 30,000 weapons, “only 4,000 could be traced and 87 percent of those – 3,480 – originated in the United States” (QTD. 48). Even so, Mexican officials like President Felipe Calderon is adamant about preventing gun smuggling from the U.S. and even tightening gun laws in the U.S. (Cave). He is the reason for the billboard put up in Cuidad Juárez that reads the message “no more weapons” for potential gun smugglers (Cave). It is readable, without difficulty, across the border into the United States. (Cave). Another problem is the location of the nation’s single gun store, located in Mexico City. Many citizens resort to smuggling because Mexico City is too far compared to the border and it’s simply easier since buying a gun legally causes customers to wait long periods of time before they are approved (Booth). Brazil also suffers from gun smuggling. They are the second largest maker of guns and export them to many other...

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