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4.1 Key Findings
The main findings include change managements impact on work-based identities, which is largely based on communication, relationships, and experiences with the management. Additionally, correlations between resistance, authority, and the level of identification with the merged organizations were drawn. The results also demonstrate that employees resisted and utilized self-enhancement strategies when their identities were threatened. The degree of involvement of change leaders positively relates to their responses to resistance, and in most cases, an 'us and them' mentality resulted due to varying perspectives and led to change agents utilizing self enhancement strategies. In the instance where employees' opinions were heard and utilized though, lower levels of resistance was present. Thus, research data concludes that resistance is a non-linear process continuously shaped and reshaped by interactions and experiences of change agents and employees.
Such results are not of much surprise to the reviewer, since logically, resistance is a process that involves both change leaders and employees. Hence, it is expected that resistance ought to have been viewed in tandem, as have been demonstrated by the paper, rather than from a single perspective as purported by most organizational literature.

4.2 Implications
Based on the results, practical implications identified include the need for managers to always keep the change objectives in mind, and hence solicit employee involvement genuinely. Additionally, they suggest that managers could look at resistance from the identity perspective in order to effectively manage change. Subgroup identities should also be allowed to coexist, rather than promoting the presence of an overarching group.
Though the managerial implications raised are valid and important, however, the reviewer believes that organizations can also implement means to ensure that employee feedbacks are heard, valued and utilized, so as to entrench this practice into the culture. Furthermore, rather than solely relying on managers, the organization could engage in activities to break down barriers between subgroups and encourage cross-group interactions.
As for research implications, the researchers suggest that more topics could be studied based on the identity framework, such as specific resistance behaviors, third party initiated change, resistance by change agents, and other change contexts. The reviewer strongly agrees with this point, as the identity framework has proven to be a more comprehensive approach to understanding change.

4.3 Limitations
The researchers stated that much uncertainties still abound as this...

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