Research Proposal: Exploring the Causes of Teenage Pregnancy in the UK

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1.0 Proposed Title of Research 2
1.1 Introduction 2
1.2 Statement of Problem and Justification 3
1.3 Aim of Research 3
1.4 Objectives of Research 3
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2.0 Research Methodology 5
2.1 Introduction 5
2.2 Research Philosophy 5
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2.4 Research Method 7
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2.6 The Time frame and Work Schedule of Research 8
2.7 Sources of Data 9
2.8 Facility and Personnel needed 10
3.0 Literature Review 11
3.1 Introduction 11
3.2 High rate of Teenage Pregnancy in UK 11
3.3 Negative outcomes of Teenage Pregnancy 12
3.4 Conclusion 13
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1.0 Proposed Title of Research

Exploring the Causes of Teenage Pregnancy in the UK
1.1 Introduction

As a matter of fact, one of the most alarming social issues of the 21st century is teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is commonly known as conception among younger women of the age 13-19 years. In 2008, the media made a lot of story about a 12-year-old boy who impregnated a girl in UK. Astonishingly, the case was not as seldom as many thought. Evidently, in 2008, there where four births with fathers at the age of 13 years (ONS, 2008).

Many younger women make babies every year in UK. In England alone, over 7,000 teenagers under the age of 16 are impregnated every year. Close to half of the teenagers go on to deliver-bouncing babies. Large section of the 7000 teenage girls is of age 15 as many were even younger (ONS, 2008). The research to be undertaking will delve deep into the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy in UK.

According to the daily mail (2009), Britain has the highest rate of teenage birth and abortion rate among western European country in spite of it been the largest users of contraceptives. The rate at which teenage girls get pregnant are twice that of France, more that double the cases in Germany and regretfully five times that of the Netherlands. This actually shows the extent to which teenage pregnancy proves to be a social menace in the fabric of Britain’s cloth. Among the background of teenage girls, the ones who are more vulnerable to become pregnant are: the homeless, children of teenage parents, underachieving in school, those in or leaving care, involved in crime, members of some ethnic groups and those leaving in high socially deprived communities.

It must be emphasized that, this research development proposal will look into why the widespread of pregnancy among teenage girls in UK, its effects and also propose mitigating measures in relation to the problem.

1.2 Statement of Problem and Justification

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