Research Proposal: National Identity Of Chanel And France

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CHANEL: THE BIGGEST FASHION HOUSE OF FRANCEIntroduction. The idea behind my research is to show how Chanel maintains its national identity as one of the world's most widely known fashion brand in today's globalizing world. Fashion contributes to France as an important industry, as well as cultural export. Starting early as the 17th century in Europe, and the 19th century worldwide, France, specifically the city Paris, has played a significant role as a center of high culture and decorative arts. Today, Paris is the leading capital of fashion and design. Along with Milan, London, and New York, Paris is the center of a majority of important fashion shows. Through Chanel's chic and elegant style, France has soared to the top as one of the world's leading fashion capitals. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate how Chanel goes beyond in carrying France's national image in fashion.Background. Founded in the 1920's by Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, Chanel has created a fashion storm that swept worldwide. Her fragrance Chanel No. 5 was launched in 1922, and it remains to be highly popular to this day. From her signature cardigan jacket to the successful little black dress, Chanel is known for their fashion staples. According to online article Chanel Style: History of the Chanel Designer Style by Lisa Fritscher (body of literature selected), Chanel's style is described as "synonymous with classic, timeless beauty." From the article, Coco Chanel contributes an important role in fashion history. Lisa Fritscher explains "Coco Chanel brought us what is today one of the most basic and revered pieces of any woman's wardrobe" along with "Coco Chanel was a maverick. She single-handedly reinvented fashion while creating a look that would stand the test of time. In its day, Chanel style was creative, forward-thinking and completely out of the box." From this information, I can hypothesize that Chanel has become of the world's biggest fashion icons and has contribute and inspired many fashion designers all over as well as attracting consumers from every continent. Chanel has become a fashion powerhouse and a multinational brand that will most definitely live up to the expectations of consumers and designers today, and those in the future.Research Question(s). Although Chanel has contributed to the fashion world in a variety of positive ways, as well as representing the country France, there may be problems that can rise about politically and economically that most people overlook. With Chanel being a multinational brand and...

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