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Research Proposal: The Effect Of Extra Curricular Activities On Academic Performance: A Quantitative Study

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Do extra-curricular activities have a positive or negative effect on a student’s academic performance? If they do, then why do schools take activities away from students at the first sign of academic troubles? If they are scientifically proven to be positive, then why are they not curricular rather than extra curricular? There are numerous influences that impact the academic performance of a student other than after school activities. However, this study will focus on the effect of extra curricular activities on academic performances. In many cases, participation in extra curricular activities positively influences attendance and connection to school. This study will investigate the impact of extra curricular activities that require a daily commitment over an extended period of time, greater than a month. Athletics is the dominant after school activity that requires a daily commitment; therefore, this study will involve student athletes as well as students who are involved in other extra curricular activities. Another reason why student athletes will be a large part of this study is that there may be a correlation between the skills necessary to succeed in athletics and academics (American Sports Institute, 1991).

While most evidence in the literature proves that extra curricular activities improve academic performances, Solanco School District has no program supporting or promoting the link between the two. This study will examine the effects of participation in extra curricular activities on student academic performance at Solanco High School. Findings from this study could be examined by Solanco High School and similar school districts to support and promote programs of extra curricular activities at the high school level.

Literary Review

Extra-curricular activities are a widely debated topic. With “No Child Left Behind” and other stresses to succeed, schools are looking for anything that will give them additional chances for success. So the question is, do extra-curricular activities help student academic performances? The data that is collected throughout the country has shown a wide range of results due to the different types of after school activities available at different schools. The activities may be athletic, music based, community serving, or academic. This may factor into their impact. They may require different amounts of time. This is also a variant. The community’s view of the importance of extra curricular activities also contributes to a student’s potential participation in after school activities. Three categories found in the literature that have been reviewed for this study include: general studies on student academic performance and after school activities, the impact of athletics on student achievement, and studies in which no positive academic impacts were discovered.
After School Extra Curricular Activities and Academics
There are numerous types of after school activities. ...

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