Analysis/ Reaserch Paper Of Annette Curtis Klause, Author Of The Silver Kiss

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Setting the SceneAdrian CastanedaHonors English 1014 April 2008Mrs. RichAdrian CastanedaHonors English 10April 8, 2008Mrs. RichSetting the SceneAnnette Curtis Klause incorporated her unique writing style to write a romantic novel based on a vampire to create an outstanding suspense story.IntroductionBackground informationBirthplace, occupation(s), inspirationAwardsHer writing styleSuspenseful toneRomantic mood settingComparison to her other worksComparison to other authorsHow she set the sceneSimilarity to TwilightConclusionAdrian CastanedaHonors English 1014 April 2008Mrs. RichSetting the SceneEarly exposure to fantastic literature such as: science fiction, fantasy, and horror helped shaped the magnificent author we know today as Annette Curtis Klause ("Annette Curtis Klause"). Klause's first novel, The Silver Kiss, served as a basis for the themes and morals she would portray in her later novels. She had no clue that she would inspire many young adults to follow similar paths in their works. She would later be awarded for her outstanding achievements. Annette Curtis Klause incorporated her unique writing style to write a romantic novel based on a vampire to create an outstanding suspense story.Annette Curtis Klause was born on June 20, 1953 in Bristol England ("Annette Curtis Klause"). She later came to the United States in 1968 when she was fifteen years old ("Annette Curtis Klause"). Growing up, Klause had a passion reading fantasy and science-fiction literature that had insights on human behavior ("Annette Curtis Klause"). This is how she began her journey as an author. While in the United States, Klause served in various positions for library contracting companies and as a full-time children's librarian ("Annette Curtis Klause"). Klause has also worked for the American Library Association, and published her other novels and short stories with other library organizations. Over Klause's lifetime, she has received many awards for her outstanding accomplishments. In 1990, Klause received the Best Book for Young Adults and Best Book for Reluctant Readers award from the American Library Association. This was just two of the many awards she earned for her first novel, The Silver Kiss ("Annette Curtis Klause"). Annette was one of the selected authors to go on Young Adults' Choice list in 1999 ("YAC for 1999")."Then he kissed her with the sharp, sleek kiss, the silver kiss, so swift and true, and razor sharp, and her warmth was flowing into him. He could feel it seeping through his body-warmth, sweet warmth" (Klause 126). Annette Curtis Klause possesses a unique writing style that suits her very well. Klause is able to excessively juggle between different genres and theme: as a result, she creates suspense in The Silver Kiss (Roback). Critics say: "There's inherent romantic appeal in the vampire legend. Klause weaves all the gory details into a poignant modern love story that becomes both sensuous and suspenseful" (Zvirin)....

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