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Analysis Regarding Assisting The Poor And Avoiding Luxuries

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Peter singer in his article argues that most of Americans are spending their money on luxury instead of helping the poor. He believes that people should avoid the unnecessary expenses and use that money to help the poor kids. Singer used two examples with two different situations and he tying to motivate readers to donate as much as money they can.
Singer first example was about a women name Dora. Dora was a retired schoolteacher, she had a very poor life and she was barley affording her life expenses. One day she got a job offer and they told her if she takes a nine years old homeless boy to a family, who wants to adopt him, she would get a good money after delivery. Dora took the boy to the new family, and she received the money. After she got the money, she bought a television, and she went home. Dora’s neighbor came to her house and Dora told her the story. Her neighbor’s respond was, the boy was too old for adoption and they might kill him and sale his organs. Dora felt bad about the boy and she decided to go and find and take him back.
The second example that Singer uses in his article it was one of the examples which the philosopher Peter Unger’s used in his book “Living High and Letting Die”. Bob bought a Bugatti and he spent most of his saving to buy this car. One day, Bob took his car and he parked the car on the rail road to take a picture of it, at the same time a train was quickly approaching him. On the other side it was a kid playing on the rail road. Bob was in a band situation, he should decide to save the boy life and forget about his expensive car or he chose not to save his car and the boy would killed by the train and his Bugatti would unharmed. In the end of the story Bob decided to keep his car and the kid got killed.
In the Dora’s article Singer said if Dora wouldn’t change her mind and her decision was to keep the TV instead of going after kid, she would look like a monster for her audients. And also he said average American families are spending one tired of their money on unnecessary things we shouldn’t Judge Dora if he wanted to keep the TV. “But it is also true that Brazil, and in other Latin American countries that have very many people who are absolutely poor, there are also many others who are absolutely rich. The money that the rich spend on luxuries could, if donated to one of a number of voluntary agencies, mean the difference between life and death for children in need”(Singer). In the Bob examples readers are already judging Bob because of his decision.
“1.Rich people who do not contribute to helping the poor are not actively bringing about their deaths. Dora, on the other hand, by bringing the boy to those who may kill him, has made an active contribution.” is Singer argue in this article. He said why Dora is right and Bob is wrong because he didn’t change the switch to save the kid life. Millions of rich people don’t help people who live in desperate poverty. They can donate money to the...

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