Analysis Of The "Personification Of The River Tigris"

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Analysis of the "Personification of the River Tigris" Art's existence began with our existence. The earliest artists used cave walls as their canvases. As we advanced so did our art. People began to use different resources to create art. A resource could be rocks or ash. The "Personification of the River Tigris" is a great example of artist ingenuity. This piece is from the late second to early third century. It is from Syria, a Roman city, where it was found as part of a floor in an ancient private home. The piece is 56 3/4 in. x 56 1/4 in., it is a mosaic of stone tesserae, and it is part of the Detroit Institute of Arts' permanent collection. Although this work is old, the art flow chart can still be applied. Every element is present is this stone mosaic. The lines formed by the gaps in between stones control the pattern's form and help to create a definite rhythm. This rhythm is most apparent in the circular patterns around the picture of the bearded man. The 2-D shape of the art work makes the bearded man the dominant part of the piece. If the mosaic were 3-D the eyes might concentrate on the shape more than the picture. As it is the eyes move to the center of the piece. This focus on the center can be attributed to the contrast present in the center. The man wears his garment on only one shoulder, he leans to the left, and he is looking to the right. All this is in sharp contrast to the rest of the mosaic which is really just a...

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