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CHAPTER ONEBackground to the ProblemThe research problem came about as a result of the studies we are doing in our Career Development programme and this area is relatively new to us. The difficulties posed by the problem is that if the appropriate institution (Career Counsellor's Office) is not in place in the high schools, then the students will not be adequately prepared to deal with the technological changes that are occurring in the in the world of work.The persons who will be affected by the problem are the students and the society at large. This is so because without adequate preparation in decision-making as it relates to Career Choices, then the students and society will face difficulties in their everyday activities. If the problem is not resolved it could result in many students leaving school aimlessly without hope or future plans. This is so because they will be unable to effectively cope with the new technological changes in the workplace and society.Statement of the ProblemThese technological transformations require new approaches and offices to deal with them. Basically want to see if the Guidance Counsellor's Office is effective in helping students to make Career Choices. Against this background we the researchers will be able to solve the following hypothesis "How effective is the Guidance Counsellor's Office in teaching students how to make effective Career Choices at two urban High Schools".Research AimThis research aims to determine:If the students are actively making good Career Choices, andThe extent to which the Guidance Counsellor's Office is effective in teaching students how to make Career Choices.Research QuestionsThe questions around which this study is centred are:What role does Guidance Counsellor's Office play in assisting with career choices?How effective are the Guidance Counsellors in assisting students to make their career choice?Is there a need to for the schools to review their Curriculum in terms of implementing a program to assist students in making career choices/decisions?Is there a need for a full-time Career Counsellor to assist students with career decision-making?Significance of the StudyThis study will be conducted so as to identify the technological transformation and the new jobs and career opportunities that are being created as a result of these changes. In order to facilitate these new career directions new courses are being created to deal with them. These new courses include Career Guidance Counsellors and Career Development Specialists.The students' population and society at large will be able to benefit from the services that will be provided from these offices. Some of the benefits that they will receive include exposure to the labour market, career options and the requirements that will be needed for those careers, so as to effective in selecting the right career from the provided alternatives. They will also learn about the changes that are taking place in the workplace, and receive the...

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