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Analysis The Admission Policy Of Primary And Secondary Schools In The Uk

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1. Introduction
The value and role of “knowledge” is different in every culture but good basic education is essential in every culture. Primary and secondary education in UK (up to 16) is compulsory for all children. However, there were a limited number of high quality schools and these are oversubscribed application. That created problem of “distributing” pupils between schools (Hurst and Sugden, 2011). So a practical and effective admission policy has great influence on the quality of basic education. The purpose of writing this report is to argue for the reliability and effectiveness of current enrolment policy. According to this report, it will help admission policy designer to solve the problems and prove the benefits of this policy to parents. This report includes four parts. First of all, there is a brief introduction of evolution of the basic education admission policy. After that, the status of current selection process will be discussed. Thirdly, the advantage and the problems will be evaluated. The last part of this report will show some suggestion for solving the problems, like improving the quality of local schools and punishing “address cheats”.
2. History
Admission policy has undergone a series of changes and developments since Butler’s 1944 Education Act set up compulsory primary (5-11 years) and secondary (11-15 years) schools. At that time, the selection process is 11-plus examination (Mcnay and Ozga, 1985). In the United Kingdom, the 11-plus is an examination administered to some students in their last year of primary education, governing admission to various types of secondary school. The name derives from the age group for secondary entry: 11–12 years. The 11-plus examination usually consisted of three papers: (a). Arithmetic — A mental arithmetic test. (b). Writing — an essay question on a general subject. (c). General Problem Solving — A test of general knowledge, assessing the ability to apply logic to simple problems (Simon, 1991). This 11-plus examination was replaced by a non-selective system on all local education authorities (LEAs) governed by 1976 Education Act. Non-selective system means the provision of education in any school where arrangements for the admission of pupils to the school are based on selection wholly or mainly by reference to ability or aptitude for music or dancing (Trowler, 2003).In the 1980 Education Act parents were given right to choose the school they wanted (though LEAs could refuse on grounds of inefficient use of resources (Trowler, 2003). The Education Reform Act 1988 which is regarded another profound influential education legislation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (Scottish education legislation is separate from that of the rest of the UK.) enabled existing maintained schools to opt out of LEAs control (Trowler, 2003). In the 1998 School Standards and Framework Act set out a new framework for schools (to be implemented from 2000) with community schools replacing county...

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