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Research: The Three Basic Welding Methods

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Welders could improve their careers if they had more knowledge regarding the three basic welding methods. How could they improve their career? The three basic welding methods are TIG(Tungsten Inert Gas.) MIG(Metal Inert Gas.) And SMAW(Shielded Metal Arc Welding.) If the welder had more knowledge about the welding methods, then they could figure out which of the three can produce the most welds in a certain amount of time. TIG welding is the optimum, and most efficient because it can deliver more welds in a day, and reduces the cost of sales.
The welding trade has new TIG welding machines which has improved TIG welding fabrication. So, how has the advantages of TIG welding improved the trade? With these new machines there is an extended balance control. The balance control narrows the weld bead, but also creates greater penetration for thicker sections of the weld. There is a decreasing frequency which produces a broader arc core. The new machines provide a true pulse which means it will allow the welder to change the amount of heat applied, and also can control the decreased amount of heat. The tungsten is pointed, creating a finer weld. The layout for the machines is more simple and easier to use. These new and lighter duty machines feature a better balance check set for more progress than modification. All these new machines mean that the welder can produce better and more efficient and reliable welds in one work day (Austin, Gerald. "Advantages and Disadvantages.").
The differences between MIG, TIG and SMAW are listed in the following. MIG welding uses continuous feeding wire, but it also melts and fuses the parent and base metals together. MIG welding can weld a variety of different metals such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel as well. SMAW uses a flux coating over the electrode to protect the weld. The weld will need to have the flux, also known as slag chipped off of the weld. SMAW is very difficult on thin metals and it takes a lot of training, and tons of practice to master this welding method. SMAW is also inexpensive and portable, whereas TIG and MIG you need wire and gas, and SMAW does not need that. Although this welding process does require many rods(electrodes) to do the job, and there are also several other electrodes needed for other jobs ("Welding Processes." Welding Processes - Advantages and Disadvantages of Commonly Used Industrial Welding Processes”). The third welding method is TIG welding. It is commonly used on thinner gauged metals. Because MIG and SMAW may blow through the metal, TIG welding has controls and switches that can be set higher or lower amperage, yet it will not blow through the metal when the machine is powered down low. This welding is the most adaptable out of the three. It is also more precise and more delicate than any other welding technique. TIG welding uses filler wire and a foot pedal, to increase or decrease the amperage. MIG and SMAW do not have a foot pedal therefore there is no...

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