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Analysis The Vision Of Tondalys

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The Vision of Tondalys, unknown, is a medium size oil painting (300plexis x 227plexis) currently exhibited in the Denver Art Museum. This unknown artist imitated Hieronymus Bosch’s image in 1485 and created his own imagination of hell on the right of the painting. The entire painting details what artist imagined hell looks like and indirectly showed Bosch’s religious style in expressing torments of hell to viewers. In the late 1400’s, most painters created religious paintings for teaching people moral lessons, some of whom chose holy subjects, such as heaven and angels, to inspire the faithful to lead good lives. Others, like Bosch, preferred to use fear, scaring people in order to lead them ...view middle of the document...

What the artist saw in the hell is comprehensively revealed to viewers through the painting about the crimes that people committed—gluttony, vanity, greed, gambling and laziness—from Bible.
For each torture, Bosch depicted a moment about dead people’s actions in hell. A nude woman who sits on the ground, beyond artist and the angel, is looking at a mirror, held by a grey demon, which shows the crime of vanity. A man eating inside of a coin sack gets beaten by a green demon, which shows the crime of greed. Meanwhile, the guy is sitting next to them on the stone, looking at their actions while playing with several dice on his right hand, which shows the crime of gambling. On the far right of the painting, many animal demons are cooking food and providing wine for people who sit inside of the giant monster’s mouth. Inside of the huge mouth of a yellow monster, people are eating food, drinking wine by demons and some foods on the plate of the gluttons, which all showed the crime of gluttony. Furthermore, above the giant monster, few other demons who have animal appearances are preparing a comfortable bed for the sleeping person who lying on the bed already. The bed setting has...

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