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Analysis Work Over The Negative Effects Robot Will Pay In The Human Job Sector Lonestar Essat

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Cameron Johnson
ENGL 1301
Professor Turner
Analysis Essay: Robots
Is it time for robots to inherit the earth as the dominant species? While many believe we haven't entered the future of robotics, Michael Grothus, warns of Artificial intelligences take over in the coming years in his writing of “Bet You Didn’t See This Coming: 10 Jobs That Will Be Replaced By Robots”. Grothus starts his introduction by putting his audience into his personal life and soon reveals the worrisome view his friends have on automation in the job industry. After drawing out his introduction, Grothus states his thesis on how Artificial Intelligence will soon eliminate human jobs. Grothus than expands and gives examples of how Automation and AI is affecting specific job industries. Grothus continues with how his own job is at risk by being taken over by robotic writers. Grothus ends his conclusion with a statement contradictory to his thesis, “A shorter work week? Maybe automation isn’t that bad.”; a statement that could be interpreted to relieve his audience of the fear that AI takeover in the job industry is imminent. Although the author jumps around his purpose is not entirely lost. Grothus uses sourced evidence and data to provide logical reasoning to list and inform his audience in a first person point of view of the threat automation has on the job industry. Given the intended audience views the author’s writing as to gain technological insight into this matter, Grothus can convince his readers to see the damage automation will have in the feature.
Grothus’s introduction is rather lengthy but draws it out well using in his first person personal narrative. The two intro paragraphs reel the readers in the author’s life and is able to relate to the life of any other human being. The text “I was recently talking to a friend of mine who’s an accountant. He has his own
accounting firm and lives an upper-class lifestyle in the Chicago suburbs.” opens up the setting and introduces the character of the accountant who is used to reveal the problematic matter of automation. Grothus explains that the accountant “...will happily pay for his daughter's college education, provided she won’t pursue a degree in accounting.”; however so, I feel Grothus could’ve combine his intro paragraphs to eliminate unnecessary text. It’s not until the end of the second paragraph Grothus reveals the conclusion to why the accountant doesn’t want his daughter pursuing his career “because they feel future job prospects in their fields are bleak due to one thing: Automation.”, this excerpt opens up the topic being discussed and transitions into the body paragraphs smoothly.
Switching now from a personal narrative, Grothus implements the use of Logos and list sourced evidence to convey readers of the effect automation has in the work field. An example, “...artificially intelligent software programs are predicted to eliminate 6% of the jobs in the U.S. in the next five years.”, shows fluent...

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