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Analytic #4 Essay

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All substantial characters with incredible achievements are driven by an independent source of morals. As a result these characters may prove to be malevolent, or virtuous. Great people are the result of much passion, and determination; through struggle, hardships, commitment, and humility come many of the greatest characters in history. As the French Commander Napoleon Bonaparte had once proclaimed, “Great ambition is the passion of great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them”. This declaration proves precise as obviously those with ambition and dreams possess excellent character, expressed only through ...view middle of the document...

Humans are capable of extreme acts, one of the traits that make them admirable, but terrifying as well.

Parental figures pose as great influences, perhaps even icons, to their children. They give children the set of principles that guide them, through direct and indirect methods. In the novel Frankenstein, many can argue the title character, Victor Frankenstein, is impelled to pursue his dream through the influence of both his mother and father. The death of his mother, Caroline, during his childhood was traumatizing for the young boy, perhaps influencing his creation of the monster as Victor sought the secrets to creating life. His father, Alphonse, showed absolute confidence, and encouraged Victor to pursue his passions. As a result of the lack of discipline Victor become vain, and arrogant in his creation of the monster. This is evident as Victor ignores the idea the monster could be threatening Elizabeth, and instead believes him to be the true target even though all the readers could obviously perceive the monsters intentions. Victor was an ambitious character, and through this he achieved a magnificent feat in science; however, the cruelty of the monster led to Victor engaging in immoral principles.

In society many people seek power, and control through proving superior in strength, intellect, and wealth. As people seek dominance through individual feats, a nation seeks dominance through militia, and acquiring territory. An excellent modern example of this can include the current situation in Ukraine,...

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