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The “Doll House” is a drama piece bringing to readers the typical occurrences that take place in marriages. At the beginning, Nora, the protagonist of the play and a typical housewife believes that true marriage is based on obedience. She put in illustration the act of being good to her parents as a daughter, obedient as a wife, and responsible as a mother. Torvald the husband of Nora is a man who is extremely successful and also projects on the act of being manipulative. As the breadwinner he is dominant and controlling and shows such characteristics at every given opportunity. In Torvald’s opinion, to have true marriage, a husband should be the model of his wife and breadwinner as it is from the named drama piece, Nora is the Doll in the house; “Doll House”.
The theme throughout the play highlight’s the idea of Nora being the doll toy owned by Torvald. This theme is repeated in words and actions that boldly is manipulation and domination as opposed to obedience, adjustment, and respect. Nora believes in self-fulfillment, and always desires what is there to be taken, but never has the interest to give anything unless it happens to be mandatory. Nora is the lady that sits and waits to be spoon fed by another. No matter what the circumstances are she inevitably digests all the poison and bitterness Torvald and the other characters push down her throat. Her love for money is far from normal; she demands as much money as Torvald earns. He always gives her everything she desires which explains why she never feels the need to change. All that Nora is, is not for her to be blamed, but for Torvald to be blamed. He made her who she is, being supportive and in agreement with her self-status. In contrast to further on in the play, Nora transcends into a willingly, self-empowering young lady. She allocates strength, vigor and a tiny bit of independence at proven to believe when Torvald gets sick as the breadwinner for the family. Her pot of gold becomes empty and the responsibility she never seemed qualified to do base on Torvald’s perspective, she now has to show and maintain such quality.
On the other hand Torvald focuses on gender ability, appearance, self-value and a man all for himself. Torvald career is the best thing to him and he also thinks that the required abilities in order to have a success marriage are within a man and not a woman. Therefore he needs to be the head, the one on charge. This causes Nora’s presence to the audience to be seen as a child-like wife, one who seems to be the trophy on display by her husband; Torvald. As proven at instances, he would refer to Nora quite frequently as “little squirrel,” “little skylark” or “little songbird”. Torvald wants Nora to be completely obedient to him and not have opinion of her own. Nora sometimes reveals a desire to defy Torvald and at times would just be sarcastically in acceptance to whatever her husband Torvald suggests that she does and not to do for example when she replies saying “I...

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