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Olay Total Effect Anti Aging Cream Analysis

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This is an advert targeted for mature women; the aim of the product is to reduce aging of the skin, mainly the face among these types of women. The product is from Olay. Olay is a multi-millionaire brand that first produced anti-aging cream then went on to producing all kinds of skin care products (the guardian, March 2012), however it has always been known for its anti-aging products.

A lot is shown in this 30 second advert many symbols, different images, all kinds of colours and a small variety of people. The first thing we see is a person holding a magazine with a women's face on it, the name of the women on the magazine is Caroline Penri after this a celebration is revealed there is a lot of people everywhere smiling and laughing and drinking most of these people are white, then we see two children they were boys and they were also white. After the boys were shown, we see bottles of total effects (the product), next we perceive the same two boys shown before, though this time they seem to be upset. After the upset boys are shown, we see the woman that was shown at the beginning (Caroline Penri) in bed with a man next to her. The last thing the advert portrays is a variety of cakes with numbers on them the numbers were 27, 30, 33, 34 and 36. One thing that really stood out to me in this advert is the numbers they had used like a list, 1 wedding, 2 kids, 43 bottles of total effects, 7 signs, 185 tantrums, 378 pre-dawn starts and 9 birthdays.

This small advert has produced so many stereotypes and discourses for discussion and debates. The first thing we see is a celebration, there are mostly white people all drinking and happy, in the advertisement it states that it is wedding. This is producing a discourse of ethnicity because there are no other ethnicities present other than white people, not only in the celebration but throughout the video. The women is white the children are white so is the man that is lying in bed with her. You can argue here that media isn’t as equal as most people say it is there are still some aspects of media where there isn’t any race other than white being used there is still this impression of isolating the whites from the rest, making them the dominant ones. Putting white people in the advert is suggesting that they are better in weddings. Even the wedding they have showed is traditionally white, English, the wedding and people used are built upon the dominant views and beliefs in many societies especially western society.

In the advert they use 2 little boys, suggesting that the mother has been through 185 tantrums of theirs. We then decode this idea that boys are seen as more troubling and stressful then daughters. Stress can lead to fine lines, thus putting two boys in the advert is suggesting more the reason as to why this product must be used, boys are hard work meaning the mother is more likely to be stressed most of the time and if she wants to fight these signs of aging she must use this product. The...

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