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Analytical Expository Essay

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The article I chose was Mock press release from The Onion. This article showed a fake advertisement that is attempting to persuade consumers to buy an item that is clearly fake. The author uses lots of satire.
One example of the author’s use of satire is the diction used throughout the article. It uses words that seem like they would fit for this advertisement but in the end there is really no meaning to those words, such as “Terranometry”.
Personal testimonies are also present thought this article. However, the only testimonies are only those that make the “product” seem good. One testimony is from a lady named Heleme Kuhn that basically says that she had twisted her ankle and in seven weeks Magnasoles had completely healed her. First off, I don’t believe that a 20$ shoe insert is going to heal you ankle pain and also her ankle should have been completely healed way before seven weeks. Really, her claim just doesn’t make sense. “Equally impressed was chronic back- pain sufferer Geoff DeAngelis of Tacoma, WA.” He says: “Why should I pay thousands of dollars to have my spine realigned with physical therapy when I can pay 20$ for insoles clearly endorsed by an intelligent looking man in a white lab coat?” First, when it comes to my health and well-being I’d rather spend a couple thousand bucks to have it done right than 20 bucks to have it done cheap. Next, just because there is an “intelligent looking man in a white lab coat” endorsing this “product” number one doesn’t mean that he is intelligent; number two doesn’t mean that he has tried the product, and number three doesn’t mean I’m going to believe everything he says. Sometimes people just say things for the money. And that defiantly could and probably is the case here.
Panacea or a “cure all” is also used in this advertisement. Not only is this product easy on your...

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