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In dealing with depression, alcoholism, and suicide, Dorothy Parker turned to writing to escape from herself. Through out her life, she struggled between the idea of life versus death, which has a major impact on Dorothy’s handful of books, filled with poems. In “Resume” and “One Perfect Rose” Parker recalls personal events to integrate her world of fiction and wit with reality. In all of her work, Dorothy Parker illuminates her poetry with wit, imagery, and symbolism to convey that wealth and privilege do not provide comfort of one’s soul in death.
Although Parker has many supporters and role models, such as Martin Luther King Jr., she frequently writes metaphors about her failed suicide attempts. Despite her success in writing and as well as the movie business, fifteen movies have been attributed in her name since before and now after her death, she was always alone, always unseen. She describes this pain in “Resume” as she tells the reader all they ways she has ...view middle of the document...

In this particular poem the author uses irony to give an image of nonchalance towards the options and choices one has everyday, to get up every day or just lie down and give up, the only thing keeping this person alive is the realization that killing oneself is much more tedious than staying alive.
On the other side of the spectrum Parker tells a story of an occasion where she received a single rose from an unknown lover. This poem is a love story but as the author suggests it is not a normal love story, the speaker wants more than the customary roses and romanticism every relationship has. This speaker tells that they and hopefully others want something more than the cliche flowers and chocolates for valentines day. The author depicts the lover to be selfish and unoriginal when it is written, “A single flow’r he sent me, since we met”(Parker). She reveals that this person has not given a second thought about the relationship, it is mainly focused upon the fact that too much time has passed for flowers to be an acceptable gift to the author and that much more thought should have been put forth, ultimately the author analyzes this person for their choices and criticizes their every action.
Dorothy Parker points out in both “Resume” and “One perfect Rose” that every action, every thought, every feeling, is analyzes to the fullest extent, maybe too much. Much like in her own life, she would over analyse situations, which would positively influence her writing, giving her the wit and words to write, but in her personal life this was a detriment to her social being. One of Dorothy’s mottos was, “ If you can't say something nasty, don't say anything at all”(King). She was a very well respected person with much success, her only downfall was her attitude towards others, she had few friends and of those people many could only stand Parker for a short amount of time. She had a void to fill, an absence of love, from her mothers death at a young age, to her genetically inherited alcohol addiction and continuous depression, Dorothy had nothing better to do than to write her feelings down on paper. She never had the skills to be accepted as a person in society, she was accepted solely by her work.

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