Analytical Memo: “How Urbanization Is Transforming Our Understanding Of Security”

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“How Urbanization Is Transforming Our Understanding of Security” by Robert E. Williams, Jr. and Stephen E. Williams is a paper that looks how the rise of urbanization and the influence of cities are reimagining the way we view the idea of “security”. While reading this paper, I was extremely impressed by the authors’ ability to thoroughly describe how the history of urbanization has radically changed basic warfare strategy and thoughts on security since World War I. However, some critiques that I have with this paper includes its heavy focus on historical background and the lack of space it gives to its own thesis in context with modern times, and I have some issues with its explanation of how on urbanization “changed the way wars are fought over the past century”.
Starting with my praise for this article, I thought that Williams and Williams were able to effectively guide the reader through the modern history of “Cities and Security” starting from World War I, with some pre-World War I references beforehand, to today. Their writing style, while academic in nature, was very strong in clearly showcasing their argument how warfare strategy and ideas of security have slowly adapted to the rise of urbanization inside of nation-states. For example, I enjoyed a particular paragraph on the thirteenth page of the paper, where the authors mention how “following World War I, some strategists found in the limited record of aerial bombardment a reason to believe that attacks on cities might be preferable to the tremendous death and destruction—as well as the stalemate—of trench warfare.” I appreciate the thoroughness of the research that Williams and Williams did on their topic, it shows in the pieces of evidence that they present over the course of their paper, helps strengthen the exploration of the research topic.
However, there are some critiques that I believe also have to be taken into account as well. First, while I understand that academic papers are typically lengthy in their content, there were multiple points where I felt that the paper could have been more concise by focusing more on urbanization was changing our “understanding of security” instead of just retelling history of modern warfare. An example of this unnecessary diatribe...

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