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Barbara Schneider from the University of Chicago is the author of the article I chosen.
It is entitled, Educational Stratification and the Life Course. I located this article online from the Albertson’s library at Boise State University through the JSTOR database. It is from the October/November 2001 issue of Sociological Focus, Volume 34, Number 4. The article can be located at the following link:

Schneider’s central argument in the article is that college and University attendance are on the rise across the Country but that out-of-date sociological methods that have been used to calculate a student’s future job need to be updated to meet the current times. The author breaks her article down into four main points.

The first point she makes is that job opportunities that one has when coming straight out of high school is changing. Younger people are not able to obtain jobs that will pay a living wage without obtaining higher skill sets. Schneider continues on about how this is especially true if the person is either a high school dropout or went on to get married and have a family. Economist, for the most part, agree with her that supporting a family on minimum wage is not going to happen and that in order to get the jobs with better pay a person will need to obtain more skills.

The next point the author talks about is how post-secondary schools are seeing an influx of both traditional and non-traditional students. The more non-traditional students did not follow the high school to college path. Instead, they chose to go from high school to work or family and then back to college over their life course. Some of these students may even choose to attend more than one post-secondary school. Others may choose to work and attend school at the same time. The latter comes with its own set of problems that may make it harder for the student to make it through school in order to obtain a degree. This is an area the author believes requires further research in order to gain a complete sense...

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