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Analytical Paper

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Before World War I the notion of a world war was unfathomable; therefore, when an armistice was finally agreed upon in 1918, President Woodrow Wilson immediately formulated a peace proposal that aspired to prevent such hysteria from ever happening again. The document, know as The Fourteen Points, established the basis of a peace treaty and the foundation of a League of Nations, which was a “general association of nations... formed under specific covenants for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike.” On January 18, 1919, President Wilson expected the Allied Powers to fully support his proposal of the ...view middle of the document...

After receiving such positive feedback from many Europeans due to his Fourteen Points proposal, President Wilson was shocked to find such opposing and pragmatic motives from the representatives of the Allied Powers at the Paris Peace Conference. Due to the adoption of President Wilson’s League of Nations principle on January 25, 1919, it is understood that the victors clearly desired peace, but unfortunately their need for compromise on the other thirteen points showed a desire for harsher punishment and clouded judgments. This was the Allied Nations first error. Words such as “open covenants of peace...”, “absolute freedom...”, “the removal, as far as possible...”, “a free, open-minded, and impartial adjustment...” are what embodied the fair and reasonable proposal, the Fourteen Points. The Allied Powers, besides the United States, considered the Fourteen Points too generous to Germany and preoccupied themselves with making Germany as powerless as possible. The victors punishing thirst is reflected in the Treaty of Versailles through words such as “Germany is forbidden…”, “Germany renounces in favor of the League of Nations…”, “causing...”, and “mandatory…”, which was not taken well by Germany. Since the restoration of the Treaty was used as a tool for revenge, the Allied Nations forced “Germany [to] accept the responsibility of.. causing all the loss and damage to which the Allied and Associated Governments and their nationals [were] subjected [to],” holding Germany accountable for all damages caused by war. The Treaty of Versailles declared Germany the sole cause of the war and liable for all reparation payments. Unfortunately, not only did this hurt Germany’s economy, but also their national pride.
The first wrong move made by the Allied Powers was allowing spite to sway every decision made during the formation of the Treaty of Versailles. The next destructive mistake was accusing Germany as the culprit for starting the war. The Allied Powers used the Treaty to force Germany to not only repay any Allied or Associated Governments for wartime reparations, but also to compel them to “renounce.. all [their] rights and titles over [their] overseas possessions,” “demobilize and reduce [German military forces to] comprise [no] more than seven divisions of infantry and three divisions of cavalry,” made it...

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