Analyzation Of Ogden Nash Poem, "Kindly Unhitch That Star, Buddy"

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All people in the world live their entire lives to become something greater than they actually are. The quest for success in life is never-ending and people are never satisfied with what they have. In the poem "Kindly Unhitch that Star, Buddy" Nash warns not to dream for a goal that cannot be attained, in other words people's long and arduous journey through life is pointless and success is unattainable. Nash uses diction effectively in kindly unhitch that star to show how peoples quests for success differs in many ways. He uses the phrase "... others seem to think they'll get just as far by devoting their evenings to the stuffy of the difference between brunettance and blondance" (Nash 21) to show the superficial paths people take to become successful. The key words in this phrase are "brunnetance and blondance" (21), which are words made up by Nash to show that a person believes that by changing their hair colour to stand out more will help them achieve success. Nash uses well-organized diction when he writes:Which perhaps is just as well because if everybody was a success nobody could be contemptuous of anybody else and everybody would start in all over again trying to be a bigger success than everybody else so they would have somebody to be contemptuous of and so on forevermore (28-31)The word contemptuous is used twice in this phrase and it adds to the effect of the entire stanza. Contemptuous is a strong and effective word used to describe the feeling of successful people towards the average Joe, inferior or worthless. He uses this word to emphasize that if everyone was equal they would trying to become more successful which proves the idea that the journey through life will never be complete enough even if you end up being successful. In addition to the authors efficient use of diction he uses parallel structure to show the same ideas of methods on how to attain success in life. In line nine and ten are constructed parallel to lines twenty-two to line twenty-three the first idea, "Indeed, everybody wants to be a wow, /but not everybody knows exactly how."(9-10) is parallel to the idea "In short, the world is filled with people trying to achieve success, /and half of them think they'll get it by saying No and half of them by/saying yes."(22-23) these ideas both express the idea that all people want to be successful and nobody wants to be a failure but people have different views on how to go about achieving success. Another example of parallel structure within "Kindly Unhitch that Star, Buddy" is when Nash states "... other people think they will be able to put in more time at Palm/ Beach and the Ritz."(13-14) is related to "... others seem to think they'll get just as far by devoting their evenings to the stuffy of the difference between brunettance and blondance" (19-21). These two lines both compel the ideas of the shallow methods...

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