The Pros And Cons Of Bring Your Own Device To Organizations

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In today’s technologically driven society, advances have changed how employees and employers operate and do business. 10 years ago terms such as “standard” device and B.Y.O.D were unheard of. Thanks to cooperation’s such as APPLE, Research in Motion and Intel, these terms are now active in today’s workplace. By implementing “standard” devices and Bring Your Own Device (B.Y.O.D) strategies into workplace IT departments face a problem; managing mobile devices used by employees. The two suggested strategies are providing employees with “standard” devices such as a smartphone, tablet or computer provided by the company. “Standard” devices are monitored by IT departments. The downsides of “standard” devices are that companies must pay for the hardware device and cover all costs associated with that device. The second strategy is B.Y.O.D which allows employees to cover costs by bringing their own device into the workplace therefore saving the company money.
Going back only a few years, B.Y.O.D was only an idea few knew about. In 2008 cooperation’s largely used “standard” devices. Today however, many “standard” devices are being phased out due to the Bring Your Own Device trend. Why? Employees want their say in the workplace. People like to be their own decision maker. Employees strive for a work-life combination. Company provided devices do not permit employees access to personal contacts or to store private information. Employees want to simultaneously work and communicate with the outside world. One advantage of “standard” devices is less, unproductive work due to social media browsing and gaming, because the activity on these devices is monitored. Cooperation’s also faced many financial barriers with both, company devices and the B.Y.O.D trend. Buying, supplying, upgrading, updating to name just a few expenses employers face. The expenses associated with company devices cost companies dollars upon dollars to maintain; money could be used elsewhere. Another reason company devices are phasing out is due to the popularity of smart phones, tablets and PC’s. Now this may sound contradictory, but the majority of employees would rather pay the fees associated with B.Y.O.D and use a device they’re familiar with. People have choices when selecting a cell phone. They are able to choose a provider, make and model of a phone or device and compare plans and rates. A statistic by iamota, a mobile agency, found that “79% of smartphone owners expect a good mobile experience from brands they like and trust. 54% are less likely to do business with brands providing poor mobile experiences” (INSIGHT, 2013). What does this mean? If 1 person makes the sole responsibility of choosing X cell phone provider and Y model of cell phone, and the employee issued that phone dislikes their experience, or the experience of the phone provider, the employee may disregard the device and lead to unproductiveness in the workplace. Another contributing factor of the strategy is how...

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