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Analyze An Action Plan To Avoid Negligence & Risk Of Malpractice

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The 6 characteristics of direct clinical care as presented by Mary Fran Tracy are:” Use of a holistic perspective, formation of therapeutic partnerships with patients, expert clinical performance, use of reflective practices, use of evidence as a guide to practice and use of diverse approaches to health and illness management.1According to Mary Ann Lewis (2014)“Advanced practice nursing is broadly defined as nursing interventions that influence health care outcomes, including the direct care of individual patients, management of care for individuals and populations, administration of nursing and health care organizations, and the development and implementation of health policy.”1 Medicine differs from NP practice in that NP practice is protocol driven practice while medicine is non-protocol driven.2
According to Mary Fran Tracy, holistic care means providing care that encompasses a person as a human being, mind, body and spirit. Holism involves a deep understanding of each individual patient, appreciating that the disease does not define the patient, but that the person is embedded in a transient unfolding life.2 I will apply this to my practice by integrating the Shuler Nurse Practitioner practice model which is based on a “holistic understanding of human health and illness in older adults that integrates medical and nursing perspectives.”3 I will apply this to my practice by attempting to understand why my patient is not taking their blood pressure medication instead of immediately labeling them as non-compliant. Some religions believe that disease is a punishment from God and only he can give or take away the illness. I will integrate the whole person, mind, body and spirit in order to better my practice and increase patient outcomes and compliance.
Formation of therapeutic partnerships with patients calls for the practitioner to be professional, employing avenues that involve the patient and patient’s family in decision-making regarding their healthcare. This partnership has the potential to increase shared decision-making and accountability for both parties.4
Forming a therapeutic partnership with my patients will demand that I be supportive, aware of patient’s unique values, beliefs, social economic status, educational level and resources available.
Expert clinical performance is what sets an expert APN from a novice practitioner apart. One can become an expert in their area by engaging in synthesizing research, continued education, repeated clinical practice, and review of current evidence based practice to name just a few.5 As an expert practitioner I will strive to provide advanced nursing procedures...

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