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Analyze How Dir. Scott Hicks Used The Elements Of Film (Angle, Light, Sound, Time, Color) To Elicit A Specific Emotional Response From His Audience; Use Vocab And Specific Examples From The Film

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A film director has a very difficult job. He is to find some way to combine a multitude of elements like image, sound and the passage of time to create a story and he must do it in such a way that, when it is presented to a large group of different people, it can elicit a common emotional response through them all. If a director hopes to succeed at his art, he must learn what is needed when in a scene and what kinds of response his choice with get from an audience. Scott Hicks understands this perfectly and his 1996 film, Shine, is a brilliant demonstration of his skill. The places where his emotional manipulation is especially apparent are during the three high emotion scenes; the encounter between David and his father in the bathtub, David's performance of Rachmaninov's Concerto No. 3, and when David is playing on the trampoline at Sylvia's.Shine is a film steeped in music. Whether it is intrinsic or extrinsic, an undercurrent to a scene or the focus of the scene itself, it was almost a constant presence. For this reason, when Hicks chose to remove the music in the scene between David and his father in the bathtub, it immediately drew the viewer's attention simply due to the stark contrast it had to the rest of the film. Silence left a much deeper impression here than any piece of dramatic music could, and Hicks knew that. A second technique he employed was combining arbitrary shots of the bathroom and multiple camera angles and continually crosscutting them. By doing this, he was able to give the audience a sense of how David was feeling. The chaotic cuts and the random focus of the shots mirrored David's thoughts and mind-set and instilled a sense of empathy in the viewer. Also, the combination of concern for David and the sudden, unnerving silence melded to create a general feeling of apprehension in the viewer. When David's father enters and subsequently begins to beat him, Hicks used one last technique which is the single common thread between all three of these high emotion scenes. He chose to slow time. By doing this in this place, he forced the audience to watch and to really see what was happening. His stretching of time made it possible to watch each rise and fall of the towel and to hear each individual blow land. He gave no mercy to the viewer but instead made sure they were emotionally engaged and were personally affected by what had happened on screen.The scene where David performed the Rochmaninov Concerto No. 3, was very similar to the bathtub one. He employed the same methods in the same way, but this time, to get different effects. He still removed the sound from the scene, but every once in a while it would fade back in only to fade out again. This switch technique was a way to give a sense of David's mental instability. It was as if he was flitting in and out of consciousness and was taking the audience with him. This is...

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