Analyze Tangible And Intellectual Issues In Telecommunication Industry

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In this paper, Team A will discuss tangible and intellectual property issues in the telecommunication industry. Telecommunication has become one of the nation's leading industries in the 21st century. Telecommunication typically involves the use of electronic transmitters through telephone, television, computer, and radio. This industry is extremely important because communication is viable to households, businesses, daily living, and entertainment.Telecommunication is defined as a universe of technologies and services such as cellular, circuit-switch, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems. Telecommunications include products and services such as broadband access networks, analog and digital broadcast television and methods, virtual private networks and devices, video-on-demand (VOD), streaming media, electronic and interactive program guides (EPGs and IPGs), satellite communication systems and devices, satellite navigation systems and devices, data services, cellular telephone location systems and location-based services, and Internet services and methods (Washburn, 2009).Identifying how to protect the tangible and intellectual property rights of this industry comes without wavering in the effort put forth by management. A security plan should be in place. An evaluation should be done periodically to determine whether or not the plan is enough to keep data safe.The manager should know the statutory protections that exist for intellectual property.Patents are for products, machines, and improvements to existing devices. Copyrights are for words, thoughts, ideas, and music. Trademarks are names, symbols, or devices usedto identify those goods as their product. Trade names are for unique product labels and names. Trade dress protects product colors and motifs. Trade secrets are advantageous formulas, devices, or compilation of information that last indefinitely as long as the secret is not disclosed to the public. Criminal sanctions could be imposed for unauthorized transfer or use (Jennings, 2006).To better protect intellectual assets, business managers need to know the threats. Since threats can vary depending on the type of business, technology experts can help evaluate risks. Protection includes patenting inventions, trademarks and service marks, registering copyrights in works of authorship (including software), or maintaining business' trade secrets. Protection may also include working with U.S. Customs on the seizure of infringing articles and ensuring the trustworthiness of suppliers."Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) should not therefore, be seen as a specialized function better left to IP specialists such as, patent attorneys or copyright experts but it should be seen as an important element of corporate strategy" (Tang & Gallart, 2004).Intellectual property is essential to the success of the telecommunication industry. However, data is being stolen from companies' everyday through multiple devices that are in...

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