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Analyze The Gender Roles In One Of The Following Societies. Support Your Analytic Viewpoints Of The Gender Roles By Reference To What You Have Lea

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The Chinese-lineage dominated society follows patrilineal descent that is predominantly practiced in South China. In this system an individual’s membership is traced through the male ancestors. At birth, the male is a permanent member of the father’s lineage, from which point onwards he has certain obligations towards the father and benefits in the future. In contrast, women are temporary members of their father’s lineage at birth and are transferred to the husband’s lineage after marriage . The patrilineal system ascribes males with a more vital role and authority over women. The culture shapes stereotypes of gender roles that are learned by children during their youth, through ...view middle of the document...

These names serve to achieve men with social adulthood at a level that women do not attain in this society. After marriage women lose their own name and are referred to as someone’s kin rather than by name (most commonly referred to as the husband’s wife). Even after death, women are short of a personal name. However, women deserve the same deference as men in regards with the honor of naming, which is so culturally momentous and eloquent for the Chinese-lineage society.
Furthermore, the foremost obligation that a woman must abide to after marriage is the bearing of children to provide a new generation for the family. Attributable to this power of continuing the lineage, a woman is thus seen as an essential for the family in the view of the husband and his father. The child that is born is then ascribed a name under patrilineal lineage, leaving the women’s name and efforts traceless for eternity and unwritten in the genealogy. Being perceived as an outsider then leads the bride to be treated with suspicion and resentment by members of the husband’s household. After marriage a women should be revered in the new home, as she is vital for the husband’s lineage. Rather than relying on her husband as a spokesman, women must have the right to express their opinion without fear of judgment or criticism. This would progress towards the equality that is lacking for women in this patrilineal-dominated society.
The viewpoint of women being less superior compared to men is also witnessed through national policies and governs. In 1979, the one-child policy was introduced, which dictated that couples in China could only have one child . The traditional ideologies of men being preferred over women was witnessed through this policy as it lead to a large number of females being killed after birth, abandoned or deceased through abortion before birth. In recent years, the policy was amended, with one of the changes being that couples were allowed to have a second child if their first child is a girl. This alteration in the policy insinuates the convention of men being favored within the...

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