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Analyze The Methods Used By Lenin To Maintain Power Over Russia.

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Lenin, one of the driving forces of the Russian Revolution, was the creator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and headed its first government. In 1918, he became a dictator, who changed Russia from a monarchy that was ruled by the czar to a communist country. Even though the impact of the First World War was still in effect, Lenin suggested various methods that some people disagree with to a degree. However, his methods did assist him in keeping and maintaining powers while reigning. The methods Lenin used to maintain power over Russia are seen through his organization of the secret police, through his government policies, and most importantly through the structure of the Bolsheviks’.First, Lenin used his organization of the secret police as a means of maintaining power over Russia. He created the CHEKA, or the "Secret Police," to maintain power over subjects who did not want to live under socialism. They systematically killed thousands of people, not because of what they had done, but because of who they were or who they knew. He used this secret police agent to his advantage as he ordered them to spy on anything particular he felt was necessary to be spied on; for instance, if a meeting is going on and his presence was not felt, in a way to have an idea of what the people in the meeting were discussing, he ordered the secret police to spy. This helped him maintain power over Russia. Furthermore, the secret police he fabricated responded to any of his urgent order and they quickly responded to the actions of those who thought of resistance to the dictatorship. So Lenin’s strategy of creating the secret police helped him in maintaining power over Russia.Subsequently, through his government policies, Lenin had the ability to maintain his supremacy over Russia. First, he used government policies that people would be able to follow and not break away from. Also, he promised the people to give them things such as bread and freedom. These promises influenced the support of the people towards his time in power. Moreover, he incorporated most of his beliefs into his policies. An example of such belief is that a working class is not revolutionary. Furthermore, in his policies, totalitarian parties were banned from competing with rival parties...

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