Analyze The Role Of The Go Between In 'la Celestina'.

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- -Question 1. Analyze the role of the go-between in 'La Celestina'.'La Tragic comedia de Calisto y Melibea' or 'La Celestina' is a masterpiece of Spanish literature. Written in 1499, and translated in English in 1631. The time period that this play took place in is important, in understanding the role of the go-between. The plot involves two lovers, Calisto and Melibea, who are brought together by the Celestina (the 'Celestial One'), an old bawd. Calisto is a handsome gentleman with a complex personality, he is very impulsive, and impatient. Calisto is also part of the aristocracy and was expected to go to church. Its not because he was religious just that it was proper for someone of his rank in society to do so. Melibea is also of nobility and society regards her integrity so virtuous and perfect. As Calisto states on page (6) 'consider the nobleness of her blood, the great estate she is born into, the excellency of her wit, the splendor of her virtues, her stately carriage, and, lastly, her divine beauty'.Both Calisto and Melibea wanted to have an affair. Calisto was not thinking of marriage because it is to constrictive to him. He has a physical attraction to Melibea (lust) for sex or Passion. The concept of marriage would mean asking her father for her hand and waiting an appropriate amount of time for Melibea. Melibea realizes this strong passion Calisto has for her and is intrigued but understands she shouldn't see him in fear of her family honor. It is understood that if they...

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