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Analyze Two Sites Based On The Following: Human Factors, Security, Privacy And Site Preference? Why?

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Compare and Contrast Two Websites PAGE 1
Running Head: COMPARE AND CONTRAST TWO WEBSITESCompare and Contrast PSAV and Superior Audio VisualJamie MasciarelliComputers and Information Processing CIS/319University of PhoenixDr. Ed NaserMarch 10, 2008IntroductionThere are many factors that web designer's and consumers consider important when it comes to websites. Some of these factors are, the human factor, security, and privacy. Each group considers these factors important, so in order to understand these factors better I will compare and contrast two competing audiovisual websites in regard to human factor, security, and privacy.These audiovisual websites are Presentation Services Audio Visual (PSAV) and Superior Audio Visual (SAV). Some of the questions that I will be exploring are: ease of use, how quickly the sites load, are the design and layout of both sites pleasing to the eye? When viewing the site is it intuitive or is it confusing? (graphics and text) Do the sites have security and privacy statements? If, so what are they? Do you consider security and privacy important for this type of site? Why or why not? What are my feelings about the sites if they lack privacy and security statements? Would I use them? Once I have answered and explored the above questions I will explain which site I prefer over the other and why.Human FactorPSAV's website loads quickly and is dynamic. It is easy to use, understandable, and aesthetically pleasing. The home page is not bogged down with lots of industry specific terminology, which would lead me to believe that I was in way over my head. PSAV's web designers have created a site where one can feel right at home. The reason for this is that they have taken a large amount of information and broken it down into five main categories, which are listed across the top of the site. The center part of the screen is where they showcase examples from events that they have done, new technology, client network services, digital content management and signage as well as high definition options. Additionally, from this screen, you can reach out to a representative to assist you with your needs. Across the bottom is where one can find links to their global home page, legal and privacy notices, newsroom, national sales, site maps, and careers. With this information broken down one is not forced to navigate through a bunch of esoteric terms before getting to where you need to go.In contrast, SAV's website, although it loads quickly, is very basic. SAV's site lists all equipment one might need when hosting a meeting, convention, tradeshow or event but does not give a layperson any direction. It does provide you with a link to request a quote but other than that it gives you nothing more to go on. There are no overt links...

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