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A documentary is hard genre to categorise as many of the expectations of what a documentary is are things we do not consider to be documentary. In its basic form a documentary documents reality and focuses on what’s real in order to educate and inform the viewer, although of course a documentary has to alter reality somewhat in order for it not to become a reality TV show in which the latter also reflects reality. There are many forms of documentary film including Expository documentaries which speak directly to the viewer they often utilise a narrator of which is described as having a voice of god. Rhetorical in their nature they aim to be nonsubjective in their interpretation of what ever subject matter they cover. A lot of documentaries that air mainly on Channel 4 look to bring a subject matter not often looked upon or known by the viewer an example of this is The Undateable's a show about disabled people trying to find love through a dating agency, the topic of disabled people trying to find love wasn't a topic that was massively touched upon beforehand.

Channel 4 not only bring new topics to the public’s attention through ground-breaking documentaries, they also give new documentary makers the chance to showcase their work in 3 minute slots aptly called '3 Minute Wonder'. Aired daily after the Channel 4 news at 7:55 they focus on the human side of a topic/issue often focusing on an individual.

My group decided to make a 3 Minute Wonder on whether religion still had a place in a modern society. Filmed as a series of interviews we had three contributors an atheist, a Christian and an agnostic. Armed with a list of questions and with a three camera set up catching multiple angles we let the camera's roll as we asked the three contributors the same questions. Making full use of the locations chosen we filmed an array of fitting cutaways that would aid in creating ambience and flow befitting of our theme of religion however not all could be put into the finished product due to stringent time constraints. The basis of the 3 Minute Wonder entitled 'A Man Made Construction' was that we would here 3 opposing views about whether religion was a force for good or a negative stain on everyday life. We watched to capture people at their most comfortable and ask personal questions about their personal views on religion and their past experiences regarding it. We had a lot of insightful responses to the questions asked the outcome being we had a lot of great usable footage and had achieved our goal of documenting differing peoples views.

The goal was to create a a sort of discussion of interwoven ideals of what religion has to offer and why it may or not still have a place in the world we live in today. The way in which the final film is edited achieves this as each point touches upon what the last contributor. We wanted to capture each person in a place they feel most comfortable which was in this case their homes. The look of the documentary was...

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