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Discusses The World Market From 1300 To 1700 And The First Trading Network Between America And China

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Between 1300 and 1700 drastic changes in Europe and Asia ultimately established a new trading network which created a coherent world market directly linking America and Asia for the first time.In the 1300s epidemics of bubonic plague swept from China and Korea to the west coast of Europe. Dramatic population decline led to economic disruption that was intensified by a series of bad harvests. By 1350 the plague had reached much of northern Europe. Trade continued along the previously-known land and sea trade routes. Westerners (Europeans) traded honey, glassware, sugar, and textiles. The East (Asia) traded porcelain, paper, silk, spices, and gunpowder.Starting in 1405 the Chinese commenced expeditions exploring lands touched by the Indian Ocean. A Muslim from Western China, Cheng Ho used excellent maps, huge vessels that scared the local rulers, and an improved compass. However, China had an abundance of all products offered in the West and went to Africa across the Indian Ocean only to take back ostriches, zebras, and giraffes for the imperial zoo. In 1433, bureaucrats halted the expeditions because of high costs for the campaigns against the Mongols, internal development, and other invasions.In the late 15th century, Dutch, Spanish and the Protuguese started exploring the coast of Africa and sailed around Cape of Good Hope to India. In 1492 Columbus discovered North America , marking the first sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. The Portuguese and Spanish claimed the lands of North and South America as their own. After enslaving the indigenous people and trading their crops in Europe.With China withdrawing into isolation from European trade, Europe took advantage of a strong uprising army, guns, and...

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