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Analyzing A Mainstream Classroom With Two Esl Students

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English is a Language that many people struggle with in the U.S. It can be a daunting task that many American’s have to face. Especially because of all of the domains that make up the English Language.(reading, writing, speaking and listening). There are many factors that can lead to the failure of learning of the English Language. One component is English being a secondary language that is not attended to correctly. Even though there is many reasons the lead to English Language Learners lack of proficiency (example Mr. O’Malley classroom), a strong instructional input, scaffolding, theory, research, ELD standard, and a intervention will not be one of them.
Mr. O’Malley is empathetic by nature, but the strategies he uses are not as effective as they could be because of his misconception. One he feels that because he is not able speak the native language he is not able to help. This sets him up for failure. If you think you are incapable of doing something you will not be capable. He is setting himself and his students up for failure based solely on his negativity.
Secondly his strategies are the same for all of his students. English Language Learners.(ESL) and the rest of the mainstream classmates need different techniques for learning the English language. The same is also for ELL group. Every child is unique and that is not exception for ELLs. Mr. O’Malley falls into the misconception that all ELL students who proficient in one domain they are proficient in another domain. That is if Mikhail is good at speaking he should also be good at writing,
The other mistake he makes is he is comparing one student to another. He needs to learn about each level of acquisitions and that every child will reach them in different orders. For example, Mikhail writing can be at a level 3 while his speaking can be that of a level 4.
The strategies O’Malley uses the most is the lowering of the affective filter. He tries to make his children feel comfortable as much as possible. For example, he has Maria join her in activities and does not force her to speak. However ,there is more to lowering an affective filter then having them join in an activities. First the teacher must “take the time to get to know there students. Learn about their countries of origin and cultural traditions.” (Syrja, 2011,line 1666) Next try to incorporate there culture into lesson. There are many aspects to lowering the affective filter. The problem is the gestures are the only ones he is implement correctly.
As far as Mikahail goes, he seems to be using the same techniques as he does as the rest of the class. He must implement new strategies for him. Based on the one essay Mikhail has handed in, it seems he has a basic understanding of the English language but has a problem with sentence structure.
Some strategies that would have worked better is using instructional input and scaffoldings to help support these and other ELL. Scaffoldings mixed with successful instruction...

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