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Analyzing A School Literacy Program Essay

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For this assignment, I completed a survey to assess my school’s literacy program by using a survey that was adapted from by Patty, Maschoff, & Ransom (1996) to analyze the instructional program and the school’s infrastructure. To be able to answer my survey, I needed to go colleagues of mine in the English Department and to my administration to help with these questions. Being a math teacher, we hardly ever discuss the literacy and the students’ acquisition of it in our department meeting during staff development days. Since I am not truly current with literacy acquisition in education, I am hoping to understand more from this process so I can help all my students. I want them to be able to read texts related to math and find information that will be useful to them during the year.
From the survey, I found out some important detail of my school’s literacy instructional program and the infrastructure and what my school does that is outstanding and what it needs to improve on. My school would be considered adequate with both the instructional program and the infrastructure portions of the survey. This is a good start for our campus, but I would like to see my campus become a more outstanding when it comes to literacy. I would like my campus to continue to use technology to help students improve their literacy and have teachers continue to integrate new technology into the literacy program as well. According to Jones-Kavalier and Flannigan, “Digital and visual literacies are the next wave of communication specialization” (2008). I would also like my school to continue to promote its few outstanding characteristics and work on fixing the characteristics that definitely need improvement.
The biggest strength that my school has for literacy is that my school provides diverse texts that present a wide range of topics at a variety of reading levels. The English department does a wonderful job of finding texts that keep the students interested in what they read, but challenges them with new vocabulary and terms they would not normally use. These topics are also at different lengths that target specific skills that all students need and at different levels so that students with different developmental levels can improve. The English department also works with our school’s library to find some of the newest books that the students will enjoy and do their best to bring those books in. The school’s librarian and one of our freshman English teachers have started a “Book Club” on campus so that students could read some of the newest books and be able to talk about them in an educational setting. Many students are a part of this new club and some of them have stated that this club has really helped them improve their overall reading and summarization skills.
The greatest need of improvement for my campus is that it needs extended time in a school day for literacy instruction and independent reading. My school does have...

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