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Analyzing An Advertisement Essay

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Analyzing an Advertisement

Advertising is one of the world's foremost businesses. Companies use
this media to communicate their ideas, products and messages to the
general public. This is one type of advert, which is used to draw
people to donate to a cause. It is called an appeal.

This appeal is from Help The Aged, a fairly large charity, dedicated
to helping the older and less able people. This particular advert is
for the SeniorLink pendant, a small telephone pendant that helps
people when they get into trouble where they can't reach the phone,
because they are immobilised.

I will analyse this form of the appeal and elaborate the techniques
and tricks used to convince people to part with their money.

This form of the appeal is a leaflet. Leaflets can be specially
designed to appeal to a particular audience or aspect of society; this
leaflet is aimed at anyone who has money. The purpose of it is to
convince these people that their product is: reliable; fast acting;
state-of-the-art; easy-to-use and most of all, lifesaving. If it
succeeds than Help The Aged will get their reward of a donation that,
in theory, should then be spent on the pensioners.

The advert uses several conventions to convey their tricks and tactics
to the target audience. I will elaborate these as I examine the

On the first part of the leaflet (The 'Front') we see Vera alive and
well, along with a caption to the picture that, arguably, could be
seen as the title to the leaflet.

The photograph of Vera depicts her as smiling, cheerful and in good
health. From this, empathy is drawn from the audience, giving the
advert a good note from which to begin with. It can also be seen as a
pointer to what the outcome of the event is, in a similar way to the
introduction to Romeo and Juliet.

The caption or 'title' of the leaflet is in large, white, bold,
capitalised text, which is mapped on a black background. This is to
make the text stand out considerably, as there is no bigger contrast
than black and white.

At the end of the text is an ellipsis. This adds to the beckoning feel
of the text that makes the audience want to read on.

The second part of the advert or "Middle of the leaflet" is a
transcript of the conversation between Lyn, a SeniorLink operator, and
Vera Smith, an old woman in distress. The sheet is in four parts:

A quotation, used as a title

An introduction to the transcript

The telephone conversation, recorded as a transcript

And an epilogue to the piece.

The quotation to the page is in a similar style to the original
caption, in the first part. It shares the same bold, white on black
style, however it is not all in capitals. This is because it is a
quotation from Vera, presumably from after her ordeal. This is to show
again that she recovered and that...

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