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The Personal Management Competencies Which Are Essential In Carrying Out A Management Role

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This essay is about analyzing the personal management competencies which are essential in carrying out a management role and also helps reflect on my own personal experience which would help recognize my strengths and weaknesses and develop on those. For the purpose of this essay, I have used three theories of managing competencies. Mintzberg’s theory talks about the roles of managers and a model of managing which categorized the ways in which managing takes place (Mintzberg 2009) Boyatzis theory talks about three main competencies which are emotional cognitive, emotional intelligence and social intelligence (Boyatzis 2009) and lastly ‘a holistic model of professional competency’ by (Cheetham & Chivers 1996) which are of three types; knowledge, functional, personal or behavioral competence and values or ethical competence.
To be successful as a manager in today’s fast paced world it is important to understand one’s personal competencies. Based on my experiences, I have observed tremendous pressure when it comes to situations where you have to deliver within deadlines, stay onward in the competitive world of business and making sure the quality of output is not compromised. To be able to do all this it is important to identify one’s competencies and weaknesses.
The ability to carry out a specific set of tasks in an effective and efficient manner is what a competency is. When I was pursuing my Masters in Business Administration, as the President of the Business Society at my University, I was in charge of a group of individuals who were to present a potential business idea at a conference well reputed company. With my knowledge and expertise, I had to manage a culturally diverse group of individuals to finish the project with a nearing deadline.
According to Mintzberg’s managers working roles (Mintzberg 2009), I was the leader for my team which is an interpersonal role associated by human interactions . In the process of me managing the team, I had realized that my interpersonal competencies, also considered as my strengths as a team leader were leading individuals and building a culture amongst the group as they were from different ethnic backgrounds. The members of my team were not familiar with a common language as few of them were from China and the rest from Thailand, as a leader my aim was to create a common platform where they could exchange information and work together without having language as a barrier. In order to resolve this issue, I used my informational competency of communicating nonverbally, i.e. by making them use visual presentations of their work. And this got them to understand each other better thus being more efficient. In order to make sure that they understand the work in progress, in regular intervals I brief them over whatever more has to be done and similar advice.
According to the model of managing (Mintzberg 2009), the three planes of managing come into play. When applying this to my personal experience, the first...

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