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Analyzing Lancome Makeup Ad Essay

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A Lancôme makeup ad for lipstick, L’Absolu Rouge the vintage reds collection has famous celebrity, Kate Winslet wearing black clothing laying down framing her face with her hands, focusing the viewer attention there. Moving over is a large, dark red rose with four lipsticks in different tones of red with the brand name repeated on the packaging and emblem facing forward. Above the rose and products is the collection name and website in white text. Near the bottom of the advertisement is the brand name, Lancôme Paris in black text, which also has Kate Winslet name close by in smaller, black text letting the viewer know who the model is. By analyzing the Lancôme advertisement to determine how effective they presented their product using two of Aristotle’s three appeals; ethos and pathos.
Concerning the ethos for this ad, it realizes heavily on its brand name to give it credibility. The brand name, Lancôme is presented five times on the ad. There is the main announcement of the brand name in bold, black letters, then on each of the products shown on the advertisement, which is four has the emblem and name. Basically stating their brand name is quite known and doesn’t need to describe and persuade how amazing its products are, letting the brand name illustrate that message. This ad does give a bit of a statement about the product, “Exceptionally replumped lips.” and the collection name “L’Absolu Rouge, the Vintage Reds Collection”. The statement is confusing at best, not comprehending what the wording of “replumped” means, similar to making the lips appear large is the assumption. Another hint towards the ethos, is the website is included on the ad, however this text is almost unreadable and is white, which is completely opposite from when the brand name is first listed. The two text opposite in everything seems like you should focus on one more than the other. Advertisers not presenting the...

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