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Analyzing Lil' Wayne I Feel Like Dying

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Lil’ Wayne- I Feel Like Dying -The song I Feel Like Dying by Lil’ Wayne uses many metaphors to portray surrealism. The fact that Lil’ Wayne, also known as Weezy, is usually tripping on cough syrup or some other drug when he is writing or recording his music. His trips and addictions are very apparent in this song. Wayne refers to many drugs and substances in this song such as marijuana, alcohol, codine, xanax and other hallucinogenic drugs.Wayne refers to his psychological dependence of drugs when he says, “Wish I can give you this feeling that I feel like buying, And if my dealer don’t have no more, then I feel like dying.” He is saying that the feeling he gets from drugs is so great that he is willing to pay money for it. He also infers that he needs the drug in order to maintain a feeling of emotional well being or else he “feels like dying”.He also refers to the feeling he gets when smoking marijuana when he says, “I got smoke coming from my seat, I can play basketball with the moon, I got the whole world at my feet”. By this, Wayne describes how he is invincible like a superhero when he is high. He portrays this message clearly because the moon is so large and untouchable to an everyday person. Weezy also suggests that he feels in total control when mentioning the world at his feet.This next stanza is one which can be interpreted in two ways, although I’m sure he meant for it to relate to drugs and his high. Wayne says, “I’m at the top of the top but I still climb”. This can refer...

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